State-of-the-art technology on the Czech market.
Innovative patented floor coatings and marking technology.
It is the only process of coloured floor coatings that dry at the speed of light.

Lineage of all kinds – symbols, characters, pedestrian crossings, etc.

Non-slip solution

Non-slip solution

Original production process without long-term traffic restrictions.
A unique possibility of non-slip application according to your requirements.
High mechanical resistance to heavy stress.

Special treatments – tank surfaces, floors and other high risk places.

There are places where floors are used almost continuously. In this case, the maintenance and surface treatment of the floor can be a considerable problem.

Thanks to the new and revolutionary SOLIDLUX horizontal marking technology, there is already a solution for high risk places. Coloured  finish of floors with immediate curing and industrial quality.

Curing of applied coatings is done using special UV technology. It is a photochemical process that uses high-intensity ultraviolet radiation for immediate curing.

Solidlux horizontal marking coating is mechanically and chemically resistant in minutes. The application is carried without long-term traffic restrictions.